We’ve all seen an episode of Dragon Ball Z or Yu-Gi-Oh on TV Globinho as children. Always rooting for our favorite hero to defeat the villain in the end. That way, we were all introduced to amazing characters through anime and manga.

The Shonen Jump is responsible for the introduction of most of these iconic stories. Japanese publisher Shueisha launched the first manga magazine entitled “Weekly Shonen Jump” in August 1968. And since then, it has marked the lives of many people with published stories. In this list, we will talk specifically about the eight most important characters released after the 2000s, so here we go:

8 – Tanjiro Kamado

Compared to the other characters on this list, Tanjiro is practically a child in terms of publication date. His manga started running in February 2016, but it is already an unprecedented success, surpassing even One Piece in number of copies sold .

Tanjiro got his place on that list for being a kind and courageous protagonist, who does everything for the good of his sister Nezuko . The anime has only one season, showing only part of the journey of Tanjiro and his friends. But, we will have a film at the end of the year, which will show Tanjiro’s evolution since the end of the season.

7 – Light Yagami

When entering this world of manga and anime, one of the first recommendations for beginners is Death Note . One of the biggest reasons for this is its protagonist Light Yagami, also known as Kira, the biggest killer the world has ever seen.

After finding a notebook on the street that kills anyone who has his name written on it, Light believes it is his role to eradicate the world of evil. Despite being just a teenager, Light is a certified genius and manages to escape every time the police come close to discovering his secret.

6 – L

Every hero has his villain and certainly every anime character has his nemesis. L is that person for Kira and is certainly not left behind in terms of genius and iconic moments. He managed to stop Light from writing his name in the notebook and always suspected who he really was.

The mental battle of the two takes the anime to another level, making everything more interesting when they alternated who was more genius. L has several peculiarities like his way of sitting and the fact that he eats sweets over and over, which certainly led him to have more popularity with the public.

5 – Ichigo Kurosaki

Certainly, Ichigo has evolved a lot since Rukia transformed him into a Substitute Shinigami . The main character of Bleach has always worked hard to increase his powers and defeat his enemies. And he did all this without losing his humanity, which is difficult in a world like his.

Ichigo goes anywhere to defend and save his friends, undergoing rigorous training and even sacrificing all his hard work to save them. He is a person who does not lose his head easily, despite being stubborn. Ichigo can be classified as an easy-to-love person, which certainly proves his popularity.

4 – Sasuke Uchiha

Everyone who has watched Naruto sympathized with Sasuke’s sad story and was also enraged by the un honorable acts of the last survivor of the Uchiha clan . Sasuke is one of the protagonists of Naruto and has already presented us with great confrontations and exciting outcomes.

In his travels alone and with Taka , he managed to leave his mark as someone who spares no effort to achieve his goals and also as one of the most powerful characters in history.

3 – Edward Elric

Edward is Alphonse’s older brother , who in addition to making his brother lose his entire body, also lost a leg and an arm in the failed attempt to resuscitate his mother. At the age of twelve he became the youngest Federal Alchemist in history and his mission is to find the Philosopher’s Stone to recover his brother’s body.

Edward is very short and has a strong temper, but he doesn’t let anyone offend him, either because of his height or his age. Despite making many hasty decisions, he has a good heart and always tries to do his best.

2 – Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a simple pirate with a simple dream: to become the king of pirates. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates ‘ crew and has managed to become number one in the pirate world, but he still has a long way to go.

He is an optimistic, cheerful and hilarious character, being someone who makes everyone around him feel good. His rubber powers make him even funnier and certainly make for great action scenes.

1 – Naruto

Naruto, without a doubt, is one of the most beloved anime in the world and this is due to the exciting story of overcoming its protagonist Naruto. His dream since childhood was to become the Vila da Folha Hokage . However, this took a long time to happen, but he achieved his dream after much learning and epic struggles.

He started out as a lazy child who had an insatiable desire to be the center of attention, but he was always persevering. Until he finally managed to pass the exam to become a ninja. As the years passed, Naruto evolved in spectacular ways. Both his personality and powers have evolved, making him one of the greatest ninjas of all time.

What did you think of this list? Has anyone been missing? Leave your opinions in the comments, even more!

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